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Healthcare organisations need a simple and efficient supply chain to address the challenges of Indian healthcare infrastructure

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Simplifying the Supply Chain

Single shop
Single Platform Procurement
  • One stop shop
  • Order management
  • Live tracking
  • Product catalogue
Pie chart
Aggregate Data & Insights
  • Consolidated report
  • Inventory management
Up graphs
Improving Efficiency
  • Zero paperwork
  • Aggregated procurement
  • Pricing benefit

- How we do it

Wide Product Catalogue
Country Wide Network
Reliance on Made-in-India
Graph up
Demand & Supply Aggregation

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Single shop
Increase efficiency
  • Production & sales management
  • Inventory management
Pie chart
Gain valuable insights
  • Reports
  • Customer feedback
Up graphs
Increase outreach
  • Boost sales
  • Brand visibility & promotion