We help you manage your marketing and distribution

Our Value Offerings

Customers choose you

Unlike the traditional distributor who push sells products to hospitals and clinics, we allow them to choose you and your products

Earn better margins

With our one-stop solution, manufacturers have been able to improve margins up to 40%

Boost sales

Given the better pricing hospitals get in our direct procurement, several manufacturers have witnessed increased volume demand given the benefit hospitals get

Inventory and production management

Reduce warehousing costs, avoid understocking and overstocking issues, reduce lead times, and more

Gain valuable insights

Several manufacturers have gained from our insights helping them on managing seasonality of demand, expand their reach, and optimize their production

Expand customer base

Unlike traditional distributors, who most often do repeat sales to existing customer base, we focus on expanding our reach every day. Our increased reach means more market for manufacturers

Consultation services

For help with marketing, packaging products and customer insights

With Inneate, manufacturers can increase their sales by upto 40%


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